Can thermography detects early cancer?

Introducing a Safe and Pain-Free Way to Monitor Breast Health and Other Conditions Safely and Effectively. We are excited to offer the most advanced thermography imaging available. Thermography measures the heat that radiates from your body and is completely safe. There is no radiation exposure; rather, it is similar to a camera taking a picture of your body.

Thermography is a non-invasive clinical imaging procedure that can detect and monitor breast disease and other conditions by showing abnormal temperature variations present in the body. Thermal imaging is a completely non-invasive, 100% safe method to get an in-depth look at your body.  Using cutting edge technology from Meditherm, thermal imaging can potentially detect disease and injury anywhere in the body by revealing thermal abnormalities.  Know your body better so you can heal your body better.

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A thermography machine uses an infrared camera to detect temperature differences within your breast tissue. During a thermogram screening, the machine never touches your body.

On a thermogram image, “hot spots” appear red compared to surrounding tissue that appears yellow, green or blue. Anything that is causing an inflammatory response from the body will show up on a thermogram image as hot. Find out more about Thermography click here.

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