Rewiring Your Brain

Rewiring Your Brain for Optimum Vitality

Knowledge is power! Combining the science of the three functional brains: Head, Heart, and Gut along with  Meditation; promotes whole brain thinking, extending life, healing, sleep, memory, focus, neuron count, releasing anxiety, depression & trauma.

This  transformational workshop will include :

  • Education about your three functional brains: Head, Heart and Gut; how it works to optimize your health.
  • Learn about your brain’s neuroplasticity and how you can rewire your brain through the latest in neuroscience technology and old science of meditation through Visualization In Faith
  • Guided El Sali stretch and meditation 
  • Learn meditation techniques and how to incorporate this practice in daily living. El Sali’s movement & breathing is to be curated around each brain. El Sali is a practice of connecting with Christ in body, mind, heart and soul through breath, movement, meditation, stretch, sculpt and scriptures.

Advance registration sign up ONLY due to limited seating. Sessions are $35 each. 

Seminar includes: Free BrainTap Sound and Light Therapy, Bemer – Blood Flow Therapy, 30% discount on all testings (Cell Wellbeing, Thermograph, Styku, Microcurrent Technology),Free Alkaline Water and healthy snacks.

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