El Sali

A Christian Alternative to Yoga

El Sali- the God of my strength.

The elements of Breathwork/Meditation/Movement

Breath work: Education on the Physiology of breath.

Meditation: Meditation is practiced through the focus & breath of God’s inspired word. Becoming detached from the world and it’s influences and attached to God’s promises and values to experience the fullness that comes from God alone.

Movement: Working through movement connecting breath, and meditation creates space to reflect, creates awareness to body, breath & spirit. Learn the physical benefits of ROM and Mobility.

BE RENEWED Romans: 12:2 ” Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  In Him we live and move and have our being…Acts 17:28

Offerings for Wholeness:

Private Sessions- Sessions can be one on one, shared or a small group. Custom created based on assessment. All sessions include, understanding of Breath work, and guided techniques, Meditations, Guided meditations, and movement based for specific populations. Assisted Stretch Techniques, Schedule your Session!

Seminars & Retreats-

We offer an educational, casual experience as a community to learn, grow, and transform, by being informed. Some workshops & Seminars included but not limited include:

  • The power & healing of the breath- Learn ways to cope w/ stress, anxiety, focus, and stillness, God has given us this modality and HRV testing shows the difference and intentional breathing practice creates positive changes to wholeness!
  • Rewire your Brain- Toxic stress overloads the systems, learn about neuroplasticity, breath practices, and partner in making the changes for your body & optimize your wholeness.
  • Trauma aware workshops & Retreats for survivors and practitioners
  • Body Kindness workshops