Art & B.L.A.Z.E.

Art and B.L.A.Z.E. Seminars

Sharon Jeffus of Visual Manna (His Lions) is teaching the advanced art program with optional AP credit. The art part will be helping young people put together a digital portfolio of their best work.

Linabelle Finnegan is teaching on a Bible study called B.L.A.Z.E., which stands for Born to be Great, to Love , to Amaze with Zeal for God and Excellence. Blaze is a very large or fiercely burning fire. This is what we will be for God, if we learn His truth ,if we believe it, and if we allow the Holy Spirit to empower us to live it! We will be a B.L.A.Z.E. for Christ.

As these young students are learning to create beauty through Art, they also will learn how God created beauty in them and through them. They will learn that God designed them to BLAZE and bring light and beauty around them. As they learn to paint a mural from conception to actualization, they will learn that they also were conceived with precision. Every stroke of a drawing, every color in the palette, every curve in a sculpture, is intentional and essential to the final outcome. And so is their life. Everything has a purpose, and God works all things for good for those who love Him to accomplish His great plan.

Meet Sharon Jeffus

Sharon Jeffus has a B.S.S.E. in Art Education from John Brown University and continued on in her studies to be certified to teach English from the University of Arkansas. She studied painting at Metropolitan in Denver and sculpting at Southern Illinois University.She has written over twenty books and has the internationally known company Visual Manna. Sharon wrote her first book in 1992 and developed the Visual Manna teaching method where art is integrated with art appreciation, techniques, vocabulary and core subjects. She has also written an Indian Arts and Crafts program that was rated outstanding by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.Sharon taught in the public schools in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. She then left the public school system to write books, travel and homeschool her two children.  Sharon also taught Intensive English as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Missouri-Rolla and has given presentations on teaching art to college classes including Azusa Pacific University and Columbia College and the Audubon Society. She has three AP courses that have been approved to teach. Art internships are also available. Sharon developed and presented workshops in coordination with Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Bass Pro on art and science. Her books are available in ebook form and at Rainbow Resources.  

The Art and B.L.A.Z.E. Schedule

Upcoming Events

Art Therapy Group Painting Class

$40 per Class

September 15th: Class One
We will be looking at the master artist Tiffany.  Have you ever painted on an old vintage glass window?  You will get everything you
 need to finish a beautiful Tiffany design.  The old vintage window will be given new life; just like when you accept Jesus you get new

September 29th:  Class Two 

We will be creating a beautiful night landscape and talk about even in the darkest time, God’s beautiful plan will unfold and we can still see the stars in the sky.  We will use a large black canvas and learn techniques in painting at night.  We can create that one special star to give us hope.

October 11th: Class Three

We will be doing a beautiful painting of a tree in the fall.  Leaves will be falling and then we will learn about shading with the compliment.  We will be looking at a picture by the master artist Bierdstadt and learning his techniques.  

October 25th: Class Four

We will look at sunflowers by Monet and pumpkins and create a beautiful fall picture.  We can talk about how if we plant good seeds we can reap a good harvest.  

November 8th: Class Five

We will do a beautiful Illuminated Text in honor of “All Saint’s Day.”  We will learn techniques in lettering and graphic design.  Our masterwork is “The Book of Kells.”

November 25th: Class Six

One of my favorite painting classes is “Birds in the Snow.”  Be still and know that I am God.  Our master artist is Audubon.
December 6th: Class Seven
Come and do a painting of a beautiful angel.  “Hallelujah.”  Our master artist will be Raphael and we will learn techniques in portrait art.  
December 13th: Class Eight
Now is the perfect time to do your favorite animal portrait for Christmas.  I will help everyone do a wonderful painting of their favorite pet.  Our artist will be Reichert.

B.L.A.Z.E. Mural Training: This 3-day training will equip you to use art to minister to the community. You will learn about how you were Born for greatness, to Love, to Amaze, with Zeal for God, and how to walk in Excellence. You will learn how to do murals and art techniques in media from the masters and we will do a mural for ministry.

 This class will be 3 days from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM. We are scheduling a Mural Training for the near future.