About Us

This isn't about us, this is about our ABBA.

“Abba” in Aramaic means “Father”. 

Instead of telling you all about ourselves, we think that it is fitting that we should tell you about our Abba, our Father God. 

He is our maker, He is our healer, He is the Hope for Our Health, and He alone is the only one that can bring you wholeness in your spirit, soul, and body.

Our Mission

To help you lead the life that God intended for you through good health and spiritual well-being.
It is our mission to use all that God has given us, from spiritual healing to the technological marvels that have been developed through His grace, to help heal your mind, body, and soul. We believe there is a path for everyone, and part of walking that path is your physical and spiritual health and well-being.

Our Vision

We believe that there is a healthier path for you.
The only way to walk the path that God intended is with a healthy body and a mind and spirit that are at peace. We believe we can help you accomplish that in a world full of distractions and temptations that attempt to pull you from that path.

Meet The Team

Owner, HHP, CCT, BHC

Linabelle Finnegan

Weight Loss Specialist- CPT, CES

Kayleigh Curatalo

My passion for fitness and wellness all stemmed from my own personal weight loss journey. I was burnt out from fad diets and cardio-heavy workouts, and still not seeing the results. I decided to go back to school and become educated on healthy weight loss.
The knowledge I've gained through my studies now helps me assist my clients along their own weight loss journey, to help them shed the weight at a cellular level!

El Sali Instructor- CPT, C-MHYI

Destiny Hurst

I aspire to empower others in their journey for a lifestyle change to better health and vitality. Having experienced previous health crisis conditions, past addictions and hopelessness- I welcomed Jesus into my mess. In surrendering I found healing, redemption, and wisdom that were the missing pieces in my journey.
Experiencing God's peace and alignment, and the results of transformation in my physical body led me further to train in and study. As a Certified Personal Trainer with ACE, Train in Leadership Development- Leadership by Katie Pearson, Now (Be New Lifestyle), certified as a Master Holy Yoga teacher, which lead me to open my own Fitness & Yoga Studio- Haven Yoga.
Through breath and stillness, nutrition, to hard workouts, practicing silence & solitude- I have experienced God in it all. He keeps teaching me! We are whole, God made us whole in Body, Mind, and Soul!
I am excited to offer a program called "El Sali" at ABBA Wholeness Center. El Sali in Hebrew means "God is my strength". This Christian alternative to yoga therapy will offer education & awareness in breath-work & body, Biblical meditation, stretch & strength. Rewiring and renewing of the mind, being armed with God's Truth.


Cindy Cook

Bio coming soon!

TKM® (The King Method) Practitioner & Health Consultant

Griffin Johnson

As a TKM practitioner, I specialize in natural energetic medicine addressing not only symptoms but also the roots of disease. I believe our bodies were created with the inherent ability to heal naturally if provided the right ingredients and environment.  I seek to understand and teach the workings of the body, helping one to determine their body’s needs and weaknesses and guiding you in how to strengthen those weaknesses.  My goal is to remove the blocks that keep your body from healing while equipping you with tools to restore your health and maintain wellness.
I believe to restore one's health we need to address the body as a whole. Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual parts of one's body are all intertwined and so in order to be made fully well one needs to attain homeostasis in all areas.

Therapist- M.A., LPC, CRADC

NaTonya Scott

Therapy is a journey where you will learn new things about yourself, others, and God opening doors that may improve your emotional well-being, relationships, problem-solving ability, and communication. I have seen first-hand God’s ability to alter many lives. My own life has been transformed by the healing power of Jesus. I feel that true healing only comes through Christ Jesus. I am very easy-going, non-judgmental, and empathetic. I invite you to come back into an environment where you're feeling very calm and safe. My goal is to assist you to become the most effective you by being supportive and inspiring, while also gently challenging you to maneuver into healthier more practical approaches in your life. I will treat you with gentleness and respect viewing you as Christ Jesus viewed people. Our relationship is going to be collaborative and open regarding treatment goals, and I will pull from a spread of methods and approaches to best meet your goals and desires. So let's walk this journey together and know that you are not alone!