Custom Tailored Programs

We have many Custom Tailored Programs to set you on the right path forward in your life.

General Wellness

Optimize your health. This program is perfect for beginners ready to learn about maintaining a healthy lifestyle or advanced wellness gurus. Gain insight into your bodily systems through testing and intuitive health counseling. This program will show you how to best optimize your body according to your unique needs for sustainable wellness.

Healthy Weight Loss

Shed excess weight and keep it off. Our approach begins with renewing the mindset towards a healthy lifestyle. From there we tailor your weight loss plan to address your body’s needs and preferences. With this package you will receive one-on-one time with a weight loss specialist and certified personal trainer, and you will be provided with a personalized nutrition plan and exercise plan.

Mental Health

Renew your mind. A crisis in your mental health can have long lasting impacts on the health of your whole body. Our goal is to help you process such crises and address compounding health issues resulting from instability in mental health. Within this package we offer several focus areas including trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, and more.

Autoimmune Disorders

Cope with stress to reveal a healthier you. This program is built to identify and address the stressors that are impacting your physical health and immunity. We focus on reducing stressors in your daily life, both environmentally and nutritionally, to allow your system to cope and repair potentially chronic issues. 


Find freedom from addiction. Through harnessing the brain’s ability to heal itself, also known as neuroplasticity, we help you to rewire your brain towards healthy behaviors. This program will help address health impacts of addiction, retrain your brain to break the pattern of addiction, and help you to live in freedom from addiction. 


Senior Health

Age with grace. This program is perfect for men and women in or entering later adulthood. We will help you to optimize your systems naturally and non-invasively. Our goal is to help you to lead a life of integrity and independence as you age.

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Customized Plans

Not seeing what you want? We cater every plan to fit each unique client. All plans are customizable and services are available a la carte to suit your needs. Schedule a free consultation to see what is right for you. 

Need more information on our pricing structure?  Please see our Program Pricing and Services Pricing for more information.