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We are here to help you optimize your health in body, soul and spirit. 

Upcoming Classes

December 8th and 15th- Be Health Ready for the Holidays : Rewire your 3 functional brains- Gut/Heart/Head with Dr. Linabelle Finnegan. $35 each session or $50 for both sessions.

December 5th – 10th – Join the 10-day Holiday Detox package before the holidays: includes 10-day detox menu;
daily 1 Hr El Sali classes (zoom ) 

January 3-13 – includes 1 day meal preparation  for most of the meals on January 2nd.

Seats in these classes can be booked through the Appointment link.

Hope For Your Health

At ABBA Wholeness Center we strive to be used by our Abba, Father God, to bring wholeness and restore health to all who enter our door in their body, soul, and spirit.  We believe you are here to enjoy Him and His Creation.  A crisis in health, be it mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual can stunt this.  It is our desire to lift you out of your health crisis and to make you whole again.  Through His Word and the Wisdom He has given us through the latest technology in Quantum Medicine we believe that we can set you on His path of recovery and prevent such a crisis from returning.  It is our overall mission to help you live the life that God has planned for you, a life lived fully and abundantly for His Glory!

Our Services

Assessment Services


Cell Wellbeing Epigenetics Test

Zyto Biofeedback Test

Styku 3-D Body Imaging

Intuitive Health Counseling

Therapy Services

Nutrition & Exercise Planning

Microcurrent Massage

Blood Flow Therapy

Sound & Light Therapy

Licensed Mental Health & Addiction Therapist

Professional Weight-Loss Training

Alkaline Water Treatment

Certified Brain Coach Counselor

El Sali

Personal Training

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Seminars & Classes

Get Unstuck: AIM 2 GO

Trauma Healing

Art Therapy Group Painting Class

El Sali Exercise/Dance Classes

Weekend Retreats (widows, art mural, etc)

And More! 

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Abba Wholeness Friends,

It’s the season to be jolly and definitely a great season to be healthy! This is a challenge for many during the holidays with the galore of sweets , great food and special delicacies. It is also a very stressful time for so many: trying to cope with the demands of gift giving, family get togethers and the high expectation to look merry and bright! .

So , take a deep breathe and let ABBA Wholeness helps you to be health-ready. First with your Spirit: remember the reason for this holiday season. We offer several counseling , coaching and therapy sessions to help you center your life to Your Purpose with your Great Designer ! Be health-ready with your Soul not just from our one on one counseling sessions but from our group seminars and classes. From helping you get Unstuck and Renew your mind to our El Sali classes. And Be Health -Ready with your body through our diagnostics tests; the Cell Well Being test (hair profile ) , Galvanic skin response , Thermograph , Styku and HRV brain test. These will give you a comprehensive look at your health. Knowledge is power. And we can help you with the wisdom on what to do with that knowledge.

Check out our website for details and sign up today for a FREE Consultation and for any of our services and classes. As part of the gift giving tradition, we are offering FREE services to all of our Kingdom workers: Pastors, Missionaries, Ministry workers, as well as to our Widows, Refugees and anyone needing help to jump start their health this coming 2023. December is when we offer 30% discount for all services. Ask us about gift cards and bundles too. Check it out!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Blessed Holidays!

The Abba Wholeness Team

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