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We are here to help you optimize your health in body, soul and spirit. 

Hope For Your Health

At ABBA Wholeness Center we strive to be used by our Abba, Father God, to bring wholeness and restore health to all who enters our door in their body, soul, and spirit.  We believe you are here to enjoy Him and His Creation.  A crisis in health, be it mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual can stunt this.  It is our desire to lift you out of your health crisis and to make you whole again.  Through His Word and the Wisdom He has given us through the latest technology in Quantum Medicine we believe that we can set you on His path of recovery and prevent such a crisis from returning.  It is our overall mission to help you live the life that God has planned for you, a life lived fully and abundantly for His Glory!

What We Offer For Wholeness!

General Wellness

Optimize your health!

Healthy Weight Loss

Shed extra weight and keep it off the healthy way!

Mental Health

Mental health impacts physical health. Renew your mind!

Autoimmune Disorders

Find ways to cope with your stressors to reveal a healthier you!


Find freedom from your addictions!

Our Services


Cell Wellbeing
Zyto Balance Scan
Intuitive Health Counseling

Now offering Remote Assessment & Counseling


Professional Weight-Loss Training
Nutrition & Exercise Planning
Certified Brain Coach Counselor
Licensed Therapist
Massage Therapy
Kangen Alkaline Water Treatment
Avazzia Microcurrent Massage
Bemer Blood Flow Therapy
BrainTap Sound & Light Therapy
El Sali Stretch & Scripture


Rewiring your Brain: Neuroplasticity & Epigenetics
God & Neuroplasticity
Trauma Healing
Stress Management
Neuroplasticity & Weight Loss
Neuroplasticity & Addiction
Neuroplasticity, Epigenetics & Autoimmune System
Neuroplasticity & Depression
Arts & BLAZE
El Sali- Christian Alternative to Yoga