The King Institute Method (TKM)

This is an extraordinary hands-on approach to health disorders. This method has been shown to have a profound effect on the bio-electromagnetic systems of the body which affect all bio-systems. The understanding of TKM® has been effectively utilized to treat people for years for common to complex disorders.

The Physics

The King Institute Method® (TKM®) is a complementary form of natural medicine from a physics understanding of the bio-electromagnetic systems and functions of the human body. TKM® is the study of how the human body is created and continuously being re-created cell by cell. Modern physics explains that everything is electromagnetic energy. This energy manifests matter in different forms by its subatomic and molecular levels vibrating at different rates and frequencies. Our bodies contain energy in many forms such as blood, bone, skin, muscle, fluids, etc., all vibrating at different frequencies.

The skilled TKM® professional becomes adept at discerning the responses of these differences and thus chooses applications to assist the body in achieving homeostasis. In other words, the TKM® professional helps the body to harmonize all the frequencies and produce coherence. Consequently, these coherent frequencies enable the body to heal and function properly, therefore healing itself. Science has only just begun to understand the principles of how these bio-electromagnetic systems function, and how to stimulate them for the proper functioning of the human body.

The Application


The application of TKM® is gentle and non-invasive. By placing the finger pads or palms of the left (negative charge) and the right (positive charge) hands-on two precise but different locations (Energy Spheres) on the body, a revitalizing and stimulation of the energy occurs. This improved conductivity allows the energy to flow in the proper pathways and decongest the afflicted Energy Spheres and pathways. A TKM® session takes about an hour to complete. But the process has truly just begun.

It is highly suggested that the client (&/or loved ones) continue to do TKM® on a daily basis by incorporating this method into a daily routine. This lifestyle change helps every session with the TKM® professional to be much more effective.

Griffin working on stomach pathway to improve digestion, clarity of mind, and anxiety.

The Difference

There are many types of energetic methods such as acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, and even certain types of massage that use stimulation by irritation to either disperse energy or draw energy to an area. The body’s fragile systems interpret these approaches as a forced action. The body puts up a forced response with these techniques. This causes varying degrees of trauma to the body. TKM® is passive in that it allows the body to respond in its own timing. There is no trauma or negative effect in the usage of this gentle method as it is taught. 

The Design

Another very powerful aspect of what this coordinated touch to the body accomplishes is a communication on a cellular level, which the body’s cellular systems understand whether we do or not.

We are all born with the ability to help others and ourselves. We have forgotten that we have such a gift, let alone the knowledge to use it. TKM® is the study and application of this gift inherently designed within each of us.

The goal of TKM® is to help the body heal itself by gentle sequenced touching to promote conductivity and coherence to the bio-electromagnetic systems so that they function the way they were intended to function. TKM® releases congestion so that the energy may circulate freely through the location and its relations as originally designed. Though the science and understanding of TKM® is complex, its application is so simple a child can do it.

Griffin working on liver pathway to improve neck pain, eyes, behavioral patterns, and motor system function.

The Goal

  • To provide direct and effective help for chronic and critical health projects, trauma, or injury.
  • To put the tools (knowledge) in your hands so that you can help yourself and others.
  • To provide an understanding concerning our bio-electromagnetic system and the proper care needed to maintain quality health.
  • To provide the understanding and help for the emotional, mental, and physical aspects of disease and health disorders.
  • To address not just the symptoms but the root of the disease.
  • To remove the blocks that keep the body from healing.
  • To strengthen the system/systems that were previously weak.