Linabelle’s Story

I have always had a heart for helping people.  I grew up in the poor country of the Philippines and dreamed as a young kid of being a doctor to get out of poverty and help my family and countrymen. I was accepted in a premed program at college but had to quickly change my major to finish early and find a job to help my family. My father’s business partner embezzled money and took his life which left my Dad to pay for the debt. Man makes the plan, but God directs His steps. This definitely was directed by God since it allowed me to get early training on computer systems and gave me the opportunity to go to the USA later for graduate school and a great career in computer systems development. 

My life seemed to have been a series of divine appointments and showed me early on that My Abba God has a plan for my life that will not be thwarted. It started at the age of 16. I was doing well as a sophomore in college, ahead of my plan for my life, when God interrupted it. One afternoon, after school, my friend and I were waiting for a bus home when she made a comment that “Life is monotonous”. She explained further that we go to school now, so we can get a good job, find a good husband, get married, have kids, so our kids can do the same: go to school, get a good job, find a good spouse, get married, have kids, and the cycle goes on and on and on. I laughed and agreed with her.  That was Friday afternoon. The next day, while the family was calling her for lunch, they just heard a gunshot. She took a bullet and ended her own life instead of going through the monotony of it.  Life taken.  I was devastated most especially when the evening papers printed her suicide note exactly as she told me.  I must have been the last person she talked to and I agreed with her. I contemplated doing the same thing and planned over and over in my head how to take my life too since what she said made sense. What is the purpose of this life? Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? The basic questions every person must answer to live a life that’s full and meaningful. 

It would have been another life taken, my life, but praise God. His mercy endures forever. He heard the cry of a young teenage girl, “God if you’re real, do something! “. The following Monday at school, I was invited to a bible study where I found the 3 basic questions in life that my friend failed to find: 1) Who am I? I am a child of God, fearfully and wonderfully made, loved that even if I am the last person on earth, He would still have given His Son to die for my sins 2) Why am I here? To enjoy God, to know Him, and to let him be Known in and through my life. 3) Where am I going? To spend Eternal life with Him in Heaven for He made me Righteous before Him because of Jesus death on the cross for my sins, purely by grace not by my works. That whole month, I understood and did the ABC of salvation: Accepted that I am a sinner. Believed that Jesus is the son of God who died for my sins. Confessed with my mouth that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. If you have not done the ABC of salvation for yourself, this maybe why you are on this website, to do this and heal your spirit! 

God’s favor followed me after that in almost every turn. I graduated early, trained as a systems analyst and programmer, and started teaching computer science at the local university. It was during that time, that God miraculously lifted me out of my country and gave me a full-ride scholarship for graduate studies in Illinois. I finished two graduate degrees and started a great career in computer systems and yet my dream to be a doctor never left me. I started taking pre-med courses at night and planned to go to med school when I was introduced to a medical program offered by Youth With A Mission.  I was preparing to go when God showed me His other plan. I met my husband Don, got married, and blessed with 5 kids: four wonderful girls and one in heaven with my husband now. While taking care of my family as a stay home and homeschooling Mom, I started studying a more natural approach to health and medicine. In 2013 after another family mission trip, my desire to be a doctor surged back after seeing a great need for medical missions. Since the girls are older, I started taking pre-med classes again. I contemplated nursing and then be a Nurse Practitioner, but I opted for Physician Assistant.  I completed all my PA requirements and started visiting PA schools. After seeing their curriculum and programs, I decided I don’t really want to focus on drugs and surgical interventions from the current medical system. So, I instead went and studied Natural Medicine. I enrolled at Quantum University.  I am a candidate for Doctorate and Ph.D. in Natural Medicine and finishing my dissertation on Neuroplasticity and Brain Health.  I also recently finished my Master’s in Ministry on Healing and Restoration from Primus University and working to finish my Ph.D. on that as well. My husband and I started Abba Wholeness Center in 2017 after he got pancreatitis turned septic when the hospital accidentally poked his bile duct from an endoscope procedure.  He recovered by the mercies of God but after almost 3 years developed pancreatic cancer and passed away in 3 months.  This gave me a stronger resolve to look for other options as much as possible (for there is still room for allopathic medicine) for non-invasive, no radiation, and a more natural and holistic approach to health.  I’m thankful for this opportunity now to open the Abba Wholeness Center and work with other like-minded people who have a passion to help people optimize their health and bring wholeness to their spirit, soul, and body.  I believe God loves us and desires for each to enjoy Him and live fully the life He planned for each for His name and for His glory so that many more may know Him and be saved!