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Owner, HHP, CCT, BHC , MA, MBA, MA Natural Medicine, DMin in Holistic Healing and Restoration.

Dr. Linabelle Finnegan

My Philosophy:

As an integrative medicine practitioner, I use an evidence-based approach, focusing on the person as a whole: spirit, soul, and body, and not just the illness or disease. I seek to understand the underlying cause of the symptoms or condition by looking at the complete mind, body and spirit. I believe in a downward causation of a person’s health. I look from the top first with his or her spiritual well-being, then the soul (which includes the mental and emotional) health and then the physical needs.
Much of the physical manifestation of the person’s health can be resolved by taking care of the person’s top needs (the spiritual, emotional and mental). There are many different aspects to address, so as an integrative medicine practitioner, I use a combination of therapies and lifestyle changes.

My focus in my practice is in brain health. I am working on my dissertation on Neuroplasticity in Rewiring Your Brain as a Quantum Approach in Healing for my Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine. I also have a Doctorate in Ministry in Holistic Health with 35 years of experience in family and marriage counseling and serving women, teen and children ministries. I am trained in trauma healing and have counseled and led trauma healing groups.

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