Maintaining Cell Well-Being Through Stressful Times

An Epigenetic HairTest

What you eat, what you’re exposed to, and other life factors can alter how your genes are expressed.  Cell Wellbeing Epigenetic reports highlight potential functional impacts and provides a plan to help move you forward towards better health.

Who Would Benefit?

• Anyone who wants to be proactive with their health. Those who want to determine what nutrients are needed as well what foods to eliminate for the next 90 days
• Anyone who wants to understand possible cause of symptoms in their bodies. serious about identifying and eliminating harmful toxins in their home and work environments
• An individual who is empowered to take their health to the next level by making lifestyle changes that will enhance wellbeing

How Cell Well-being Works!

1. We take 7 hair strands with the white follicle bulb from your head or eyebrow.

2. They are placed on a disk with a digital scanning device

3. This communicates with an extensive epigenetic database in Hamburg, Germany.

4. In 15 minutes all the digital signatures of the DNA present in those 7 hair follicles are scanned for hundreds of items of genetic information. The valuable information that is generated enables the practitioner to construct a 40-page 90-day plan to optimize your health. It includes the epigenetic factors affecting your immune system, circulatory system, etc. It highlights the top 4 body systems needing attention. It then summarizes the epigenetic factors affecting this system. It will show according to priority any deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and fatty acids. It will show any toxicity In the body whether chemical, radiation, or heavy metal. It also will indicate any fungal, parasites, or viral presence. As well as EMF and other environmental interference.

5. In many aspects of daily life people are not well supported by their diets and supplemental nutrients that they take. It is often difficult to know which choices to make or path to follow when making decisions to optimize your nutritional intake. Cell-Wellbeing provides the missing pieces to achieve cellular wellness. The information obtained from this simple convenient test, provides accurate ways to address dozens of wellness challenges.

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