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April 30, 2018 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
The Tree House
42 B Street
Lake Lotawana
MO 64086
Linabelle Finnegan

Rewiring your brain workshop: For Optimum Vitality

Knowledge is power! The latest neuroscience findings are that the brain of the cell is not in your genes. It is in your belief system that can change the expression of your genes. This means that you can control your health.

These three transformational workshops will include ~

  1. Education about your three functional brains: Head, Heart and Guts; how it works to optimize your health.

  2. Learn about your brain’s neuroplasticity and how you can rewire your brain through the latest in neuroscience technology and old science of meditation through Visualization In Faith

  3. Learn the right breathing and stretches to help aid your three fully functioning brains

  4. Know your health status now using one of the three assessmnet tools we have availalble and

  5. Experience hands-on treatments

(1) FREE NEURO TREATMENT through BRAINTAP, that helps restore brain and body alignment, and revitalizes your body.,


2) FREE 3min MICROCURRENT AVAZZIA TREATMENT. FDA approved for drugless pain relief.



HEART RATE VARIABILITY TEST through Dinamika Valeo technologyl This technology is designed to analyze the human heart and brain rhythms extracted from an electrocardio signal in the broad range frequency band and is based on the new science of Fractal Neurodynamics,

ZYTO GALVANIZED SKIN RESPONSE – The only FDA approved skin response assessment in the market. It is a highly accurate and dynamic wellness screening tool provides easy-to-understand reports to aid in more informed health decisions.

MERIDIAN ENERGY ASSESSMENT DEVICE or MEAD, that provides informative analytic information on physical energetics, mental and emotional states, autonomic nervous system, endocrine function, metabolic function, interpenetration of yin-yang, and harmony of qi and blood.

You will also be given an opportunity for additional fee of $69, a comprehensive health assessment using CELL WELLBEING , an epigenetic testing using hair profile analysis to find an answer to some of the problems that you maybe experiencing on your body. From your hair follicle, you epigenetics indicators are scanned, and analyzed in Germany. After 20 mins, you will receive a 34-page comprehensive report that will show any deficiencies in your body’s vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids as well as any presence of heavy metal or chemical toxicity, parasites, etc.

HEALTH PRACTITIONERS ARE WELCOME to checkout the different modalities: Epigenetics Testing through CELL WELLBEING, Microcurrent AVAZZIA device, MEAD Meridian Energy Analysis Device, ZYTO galvanized skin response, and DINAMICA VALEO a heart rate variability testing device. If you register for the workshops, you will be reimbursed with purchase of any of the devices. So the cost will All be for free except for the Epigenetics test for $50 (Waived if you order the Cell Wellbeing Device for purchase at the site).

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