The Dinamika HRV is a digital analyzer designed to study the functional state of a person based on neurodynamic HRV analysis. This is the most advanced heart rate variability analysis to date. With the help of this system we are able to monitor your patient’s functional status and to determine the effectiveness of treatment.

This analysis system is based on a number of specialized, highly informative indicators from advances in biology, physiology and clinical medicine. The advantage of this system of analysis is its objectivity, speed, accuracy and ease of interpretation.

This information technology was initiated in 1968 by specialists of the medical service of the USSR Navy. In 1983 it was expanded with the development of fractal neurodynamics in Russia where this achievement received a scientific award in the USSR.

The work in fractal neurodynamics allows us to see subtle changes in the central nervous system influenced by internal and external factors. What this technology can do is perform an electrocardiogram, monitor our patient’s functional state, assess their cardiovascular system, estimate their body’s current available energy resource, assess emotional states, monitor the dynamic state of our patient, calculate a biological age of our patient and give a forecast of total health.