Epigenetics is shaping the way we approach wellness. Proving that the environment is the key to how our genes express and the way this impacts our daily wellness and illness prevention regimes.


Science has discovered something that is truly amazing, beautiful in its simplicity and profound in its potential human impact.

This discovery will change the way you see yourself and your environment and shape many of the decisions that you make about how to live your life.

It will free you from the helplessness of believing that your wellness, day to day physical state and aging years are pre-define by your genes and that you can do nothing about it.

Epigenetics is the science of liberation, giving you back control and helping you to better understand how to create an environment for an optimum, physical, mental and emotional state of wellness and performance.

The environment in this case means the foods you eat; nutrients absorbed from your food, influences of your physical home and work environment and factors which affect your ability to resist infections.


Epigenetics, simply means above genetics or factors which are above or influence how genes express to produce new proteins and cells. The expression of your genes has two distinct aspects.

Firstly, your physical characteristics like height, hair and eye colour etc. Secondly, the way your physiology operates and repairs itself on a day to day basis. We can do little to affect the pre-determination of physical characteristics but physiologically you can dramatically optimise your daily life.

The science of epigenetics has discovered, that for some genes up to 98% of the way in which they express is controlled by the environment. In many cases a single gene can produce many different proteins depending on the macro and micro environment, which is made up of your diet, nutritional absorption, physical environment and lifestyle.
This means that by changing your environment, you can change the way that your genes express to produce new cells which better support your physiology.


Everyday your body is repairing the damage caused by daily life; the foods you eat; pollution and infections you are exposed to and the stress of your day to day routine.

Your environment influences your genes to produce new proteins, which produce new cells and repair your tissues and organs. If your environment is stopping your genes from expressing in the best way then they produce proteins and cells, which might not effectively repair and renew your body. Once this happens then the systems of your body lose efficiency and you start to notice this in the signs and symptoms of a breakdown of normal processes.

Now you can reverse this process by changing the environment to one which supports your gene expression. Whether that is for wellness, performance or any aspects of daily life.

We refer to this as optimization, which means getting the most out of your genes for whatever your daily needs, including your overall wellness, sports or work performance, daily nutritional intake or beauty regime. We offer a variety of report options to suit your own optimization needs.


The key to unlocking your genetic potential lies in the foods that you eat. Nature provides you with all of the answers, conveniently packaged in the natural foods which grow in the environment.

These foods contain all of the natural elements that your genes require for optimum expression; from vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, fatty acids and enzymes designed for your biological systems.

The key to optimization is understanding which combinations of foods are best to suited to your needs at any given point in time and for up to 90-days.

That is because you are genetically and epigenetically unique, meaning that the combination of genes and environment is never the same for any two people on the planet.

Diets vary hugely; our exposure to environmental pollutants and infections; the amounts of stress and emotional influence are all factors, which make your physiology unique to you.

Your unique physiology requires a unique food intake designed to deal with your needs and to help your genes to express in an optimal way.

You should remove some foods from your diet, add others to your intake and rotate this every 90-days as your body adjusts to the daily changes to nutrient intake and environmental influence.

An optimal state is in your hands…grab yours today with an Optimize Report!