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Hello! I have four girls ranging from 14 to 22. Food craving has definitely become a byword in our home. (Of course, food craving is not limited to women. Men have it all the time too). The use of this phrase often seems to indicate a helpless, out-of-our-control situation. The truth is you can stop it by just listening to your body. See, food craving is really the language of our body. It is a way for our body to communicate to us what it needs. And we better be listening. So let’s see what our body maybe saying regarding some of these food cravings.

  1. SWEETS – This is the number one craving in our home, more specifically chocolate,  and probably in most American households. If you are craving sweets, your body  is saying you may need chromium, phosphorus, sulfur, or tryptophan. So Instead of going for a sweet, you can take a supplement or find the chromium, phosphorus, sulfur, or tryptophan in the foods you eat. For example, chromium can be found in broccoli, grapes, cheese, dried beans, and chicken. And craving for chocolate is usually a sign of magnesium deficiency. Try eating raw nuts and seeds, legumes and fruits.

 2. BREAD or TOAST –  Your body maybe saying you need nitrogen. This you can find from high protein foods like fish, meat, nuts and beans.

3. OILY OR FATTY FOODS  – You maybe needing some calcium. Remember with calcium, you need to take magnesium too for proper assimilation in your body. ICalcium is found in mustard or turnip greens, broccoli, kale (basically any dark green vegetable) as well as legumes and cheese.

4. SALTY FOOD – You body maybe saying give me more chloride. This you find in meat, raw goat milder, etc.

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